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Audio Interviews

Audio Interviews

Interview with BTEC Board member Charlie Niebling, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, on New Hampshire Public Radio’s “The Exchange” on January 10, 2017. Click the picture to listen.

Montpelier Biomass Project Sets Example
The city of Montpelier, VT hopes to heat and help power 176 buildings, including the State Capitol, with wood chips. Vermont Public Radio examines the project and interviews Chris Recchia, BTEC Director and Executive Director of the Biomass Energy Resource Center.
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Biomass Thermal Heats Up
Podcast on biomass thermal energy featuring BTEC Chairman Charlie Niebling. 
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The BTEC B-Talk
Experts in biomass thermal energy and the forest products industry share their insights in these 20-30 minutes audio segments.  Interview topics will follow trending issues in the biomass thermal market. These interviews were made possible through to a grant from the USDA Forest Service’s Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC). This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

You may listen to or download the interviews and read the transcript. You may also subscribe to the podcast series on iTunes here or your RSS reader here.

The following interviews are currently available:

    1. The Austrian Example on Biomass Energy
      with Christiane Egger, Deputy Director of the Upper Austrian Renewable Energy Agency Download the transcript
    2. Where Private Lands meet Biomass Energy Markets
      with Mike Jostrom, Director of Renewable Resources and Steve Robe, Senior Resource Forester of Plum Creek
    3. Healthy Forests and Heating Homes – Sustainability of Biomass Energy with Allison Welde, Director of Conservation Partnerships and Communication at the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)
    4. Growing the Role of Agriculture in the Biomass Thermal Energy Supply Chain with Dr. Tom Richard, Director of Penn State’s Institutes of Energy and Environment and Professor in the University’s Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
    5. Successful Steps in Biomass Project Finance and Development with John Eustermann, Partner, Stoel Rives
    6. All in the (Thermal) Family: Biomass Energy and the Family Forest Landowner with Scott Bagley and Harry Groot of the Center for Cooperative Forest Enterprises within the National Network of Forest Practitioners
    7. Promoting Forest Health Through Public Private Partnerships 
      with Rob Davis, President and Founder of Forest Energy Corporation
    8. Real World Examples – CHP Profile – University of Missouri-Columbia with Gregg Coffin, Superintendent of the University of Missouri at Columbia
    9. Public Perceptions of Biomass Heating with John Karakash, Resource Professionals Group and John Ackerly, Alliance for Green Heat
    10. The Future of Biomass Conversion 
      with Dr. Richard Bain of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

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