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Biomass Thermal Energy Council
Attention: Membership
1211 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 650
Washington, DC 20036

More information:

Emanuel Wagner
Managing Director
202-596-3974 x 360

BTEC Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in Biomass Thermal Energy Council membership. If you have any questions about the application or membership, please contact us at or 202-596-3974 x360.
Revenues (USD) Annual Dues
Sustaining Member $12,500 SELECT
$16M+ $8,500 SELECT
$12 - 16M $6,500 SELECT
$8 - 12M $4,250 SELECT
$4 - 8M $2,750 SELECT
$2 - 4M $1,500 SELECT
$1 - 2M $1,000 SELECT
$500,000 - 1M $750 SELECT
$0 - 500,000 $500 SELECT
Non-profit $300 SELECT

BTEC Sustaining Members

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