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Tell Congress to Support Biomass Thermal Energy!

Current Action – Promoting the Biomass Thermal Utilization Act in the 115th Congress

Contact Emanuel Wagner about becoming part of the BTU Act Coalition, or sign up using this Google Form

Contact your representatives! It takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Read – Get up to speed on recent biomass thermal legislation by reviewing the Biomass Thermal Utilization Act (BTU Act)
  2. Locate – Find your representatives here >>.
  3. Send – Customize the letter here, and cut/paste the text into your specific Representatives’ “Contact Field”. Encourage them to support tax parity for biomass thermal technologies and fuels.

Who Supports the BTU Act?

Add-On Energy, LLC

Adirondack Hearth and Stove

AFS Energy Systems

Alaska Masonry Heat

Alliance for Green Heat

Alodyne, LLC

Alternative Energy of Maine

American Bio Boilers Corp.

Applied Ceramics, Inc.

Berlin Area Renewable Energy Initiative

Bioenergy Project Partners, LLC

Biomass Energy Lab

Biomass Energy Works

Biomass Thermal Energy Council

Biomass Combustion Systems

Bridgewell Resources

Central Boiler, Inc.

Chip Energy Inc.

Choquette Heating

clayloft studio

College of FWood Science & Engineering, Oregon State University

Community Power Corporation

Continental Biomass Industries

Custom Masonry, LLC

Cutting Edge Energy Systems

Dale Anderson Masonry, Inc.

Denali Energy

Design Masonry LLC

Earthtech Energy

Enwave Seattle

EXIT Realty Trailblazers

Fiber By-Products, Corp.

Firespeaking, LLC

Forest Concepts, LLC

Forward Thinking Consultants, LLC

FVB Energy Inc

Ganneston Construction

Green Globe Services, LLC

Greenwood Clean Energy


Heartwood Tree Service

Home & Hearth Conservation Inc.

Hot Rock Masonry


Housing Trust of Rutland County

Innovative Natural Resource Solutions, LLC

Integrated Energy Systems, PLLC

International Applied Engineering, Inc.

Interphase Energy LLC

Jettco Builders

Kingdom Biofuel LLC

Kirtland Products, LLC

Koda Energy LLC

Legal logging and firewood

Lopez Quarries

LPC Services Inc.

Maine Energy Systems

Maine Pellet Fuels Association

Masonry Heater Association

Sol Fire Masonry Heaters

Masonry Heater Design House

Mc Ranch

Mendocino Forest Products Company LLC

Messersmith Manufacturing Inc.

Nordic LLC

North Stone Heat Supply

Northeast BioEnergy Systems, LLC

Northeast Mill Services, Inc.

Northern Forest Center

Northwest Manufacturing, Inc. WoodMaster Boilers

Ochoco Lumber Co.

Pellergy LLC

Pellet Fuels Institute

Precision Energy Services

Renewable Energy Center LLC

Renewable Energy Consultants, LLC

Renewable Resource Innovative Design Group Enterprise

Sandri energy, LLC

Sheridan Brick & Stone Work

Solartechnic Contractors, Inc

Solid Rock Masonry

Somerset Pellet Fuel

Southern Tier Biomass, LLC

Studio in the woods

Sustainable Northwest

Tarm USA, Inc.


The County Stove Shop

The Pizza Via Co

Timber Products Inspection


Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

West Oregon Wood Products, Inc

West Oregon Wood Products, Inc.

Westhoff Cone & Holmstedt

Wilder Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Woodbury’s Plumbing and Heating

Wooden Sun

WoodFuels North Carolina LLC

Woodshed Renwables, LLC

Yale Mechanical

BTEC “Contact Your Rep” App
To find your Senators and Representative, simply provide your address in the box below and click ‘Submit.’ Your legislators, their pictures, and contact information will appear below.

Please let us know when you get in touch with your elected officials by copying BTEC on the email or by sending us a note afterwards.  If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss this further, email David Bancroft .

The Congressional Biomass Caucus

Officially launched on July 13, 2011, the first Congressional Biomass Caucus will serve to elevate biomass energy in the U.S. House of Representatives. BTEC issued a statement supporting the caucus’s creation, and continues its work to further build and develop the caucus.

Why Should my Representative Join the Caucus?

BTEC needs your help ensuring that this caucus includes members of Congress from across the country, representing all biomass feedstocks and thermal technologies. As a constituent, you can help recruit your Congressional Representatives for the Biomass Caucus. Use materials at our Resource Center as leave-behinds!

Tips for Contacting your Representatives:

You can make a big difference by calling or writing your Representative to encourage him or her to join the caucus. Use the following steps below.

1. Identify your Representative using the BTEC tool above

2. Set up a Meeting
Remember to be courteous, informed, and assertive. When you call your elected official’s office, ask for the specific staff member who handles energy issues and state the purpose of your call. Once you reach that staff member, clearly mention who you are and what your connection to the district is. Then, offer reasons for your support, ask that the congressman join the Biomass Caucus, and ask for a formal response to your request.

This may be the first time that the staff member has heard of biomass thermal issues, so don’t be surprised if the congressman has no stance on the issue.


3. Make a Call
Clearly leave your name and contact information, as well as the reason for your call. Also, mention that you would like a response to your question, and that you’ll try to contact the office again within the next few days.

Let us know when you’ve made your calls by contacting Peter Thompson

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