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Ways and Means Subcommittee to hold Tax Policy Member Roundtable on Recently Expired Tax Provisions

On April 18, the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Tax Policy will conduct a member roundtable to address the recently expired tax provisions. The tax provisions under discussion, also known as tax extenders, provided credits to a variety of industries, including in the renewable energy sector. BTEC has worked to attach the BTU Act to these tax provisions since it was reintroduced in Congress last June and was informed that the subcommittee may discuss the addition of new tax provisions, like the BTU Act, at this roundtable. The subcommittee’s roundtable is a follow-up to a public hearing addressing the expired tax provisions last month.

We encourage BTEC members to contact their representatives in Congress to express support for the addition of the BTU Act to these tax provisions (especially if your member is on the Ways and Means Committee). Find your representative here >>

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