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2025 Vision for the Northeast

A Bold Vision for 2025


BTEC is proud to announce its collaboration with four other organizations in a call for an American Revolution to domestically produce the thermal energy consumed in the six New England states and New York. We propose that 25% of all thermal energy requirements in the Northeast are met with renewable energy resources by the year 2025.


VisionKey Findings and Conclusions of the Report

If achieved, this vision will:

  • Supply 19 million green tons of sustainable biomass for thermal energy available annually from forest and farm sources
  • Achieve 25% of all thermal energy from renewable resources by 2025
  • Achieve 75% of thermal renewable energy from biomass by 2025
  • Convert 1.38 million households in the seven states to biomass for thermal needs
  • Improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gases and build healthier communities
  • Reduce 1.14 billion gallons of heating oil annually
  • Reinvest $4.5 billion in resulting economic wealth in the Northeast economy
  • Create 140,200 jobs

Download the Report

Vision Summary

Vision Summary




Full Report
(Last Updated: April 28, 2010)




Take Action

The Vision is supported by the Maine Pellet Fuel Association, the Pellet Fuels Institute, the New York Biomass Energy Alliance, the Alliance For Green Heat and the Biomass Thermal Energy Council. This report is a work in progress. We welcome all feedback, criticism and ideas.

  • Contact us to offer feedback, criticism and ideas to improve this Vision
  • Share the Vision document with anyone who may be interested. Invite their feedback.
  • Join and financially support BTEC or any of the organizations that have presented this Vision.
  • Raise these issues with your governor, state and federal officials, and state legislators.


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