January 9, 2017



Dear Aaron: 

BTEC is starting 2017 strong with the support of our members through our Annual Campaign. This has allowed us to launch our Strategic Communications Working Group to create a positive message about the biomass industry and respond to misinformation in the media. We have also laid the groundwork for achieving policy wins for the industry, including passage of the BTU Act, which last year came closer than ever to becoming law. We are also energized for our upcoming Northeast Biomass Heating Conference & Expo, in Burlington, Vermont from April 25-27. This year's event is shaping up to offer diverse viewpoints on a wide array of topics, from sustainable sourcing to thermal storage.

With a new policy landscape and emerging technical advances, BTEC will have a lot to do this year. Please consider joining BTEC to make sure we have the resources to accomplish our goals.


Jeff Serfass





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25x'25 Alliance
"Through the diligent efforts of its diverse array of partners, the 25x'25 Alliance has evolved into a powerful coalition united behind the goal of securing 25 percent of the nation's energy needs from renewable sources by the year 2025. To date, the 25x'25 goal has been endorsed by nearly 1,000 partners, 35 current and former governors, 15 state legislatures and the U.S. Congress through The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007." Read more >>


Forest Concepts LLC
"Core competencies in plant biology, agriculture, forestry, natural resources, engineering, and enterprise enable our people to craft technical solutions to local and global bioenergy and environmental challenges facing clients and customers in industry, government, and research institutions." Read more >>




Weekly Policy Update
Provided by Pat Rita >> of Orion Advocates
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The 115th Congress has convened, and members are back at the Capitol with a busy week ahead. In the Senate, confirmation hearings are planned for some of President-Elect Trump's cabinet picks. In the House, a number of committees are announcing their new rosters for the new Congress. Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) has taken over as Chairman of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee. His office sent out a list today of the Republican members of the committee and their subcommittee assignments. That list can be found here >>


BTEC will meet Thursday with staff from the Maine Senate delegation to discuss a strategy of enactment of the BTU Act. As mentioned in previous reports, tax reform is among the highest priorities for both the incoming administration, as well as Republican leadership in the House and Senate. Serious focus on tax reform legislation is expected in the second quarter this year. 



Technical and Regulatory Affairs Update
Provided by Jeff Serfass >> and Aaron Aber >>
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BTEC Will Be At the Winter ASHRAE Conference
As the ASHRAE conference approaches at the end of the month, BTEC is working hard with its partners to ensure that an update to ASHRAE 189.1 Standard for the Design of High Performance Green Buildings that includes biomass as a qualifying renewable energy resource passes through the 189.1 committee. This Thursday, January 11, at 11:00 AM, there will be a call of the 189.1 Working Group 7, and biomass is included on the agenda. The definition may come up for a vote on this call, and if it passes, would be introduced to a vote of all ASHRAE members at the conference. If a decision is not made, it will instead be voted on when the Working Group meets in Las Vegas.



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Industry Events This Month


2017 HPC Northwest Regional Home Performance Conference
When: January 23-24, 2017
Where: Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Portland, Oregon
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2017 AHR Expo (co-located with 2017 Winter ASHRAE Conference)
When: January 30-February 1, 2017 (ASHRAE Conference starts January 28)
Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
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New to this Newsletter


Heating the Midwest (co-located with the International Biomass Conference & Expo)
When: April 10, 2017
Where: Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Mid-Atlantic Biomass Energy Conference & Expo
When: September 12-14, 2017
Where: State College, PA
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Middlebury Reaches 2016 Carbon Neutrality Goal
Middlebury College

Middlebury College reached carbon neutrality thanks in large part to their on-campus biomass gasification facility. The facility replaced more than half of the college's consumption of No. 6 fuel oil, offsetting over 100,000 gallons by instead relying on sustainably sourced wood chips. Read more >>

FutureMetrics Releases January 2017 White Paper
Dr. William Strauss

"The plan that this white paper discusses will sustain coal mining jobs and will create tens of thousands of new jobs in another sector that is experiencing significant job losses: the forest products sector. The plan will also stimulate billions of dollars of new investment in new US manufacturing plants." Read the white paper >>



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The Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) advances the sustainable use of wood and agricultural biomass for clean, efficient heat and combined heat and power to meet America's energy needs and strengthen local economies.


By 2025, the use of sustainable wood and agricultural biomass for thermal (heating and cooling) and combined heat and power (CHP) is a mainstream energy choice. Residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial customers choose it as an affordable, clean, efficient, and carbon beneficial alternative to fossil fuels. Distributed energy from biomass thermal/CHP provides reliability and resiliency to America's energy infrastructure, and efficient use of biomass resources. Policies at the local, state, regional, and federal levels support thermal/CHP from biomass equally with respect to other renewable sources of energy. Thermal/CHP from biomass enables sustainable land and resource management, and provides improved soil and forest health, improved water and air quality, and reduced wildfire risks. Thermal/CHP from biomass drives local job growth and economic vitality across America's rural and urban communities.

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