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August 11, 2011

BTEC Publishes Educational Materials on Biomass Thermal, Announces Continuation of Webinar Series
The complete series of biomass-themed webinars, factsheets, podcast interviews, and comprehensive presentation are now available online

Washington, DC - The Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) today announced the availability of an array of educational materials funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Forest Service's Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC). Over 12 months, BTEC produced a series of seven webinars, five fact sheets, ten podcasts, and a comprehensive slide show presentation on key issues impacting the biomass thermal industry.

All materials are publically available free of charge on the BTEC website at

Building on the progress of the original grant project, BTEC secured an extension to continue the popular webinar series. In the next several months, BTEC will host seven additional webinars. The first topic of the series is "Public Perception of Biomass Thermal," scheduled for August 30, 2011, 1PM ET. Registration is available at Future webinars include regional perspectives, advanced technologies, future market developments, and agricultural and woody biomass commonalities and differences.

"The WERC grant helped produce a suite of valuable educational materials, educating thousands of people on the opportunities of biomass heating and CHP," said BTEC's acting Executive Director, Joseph Seymour. "We are grateful to WERC for supporting our efforts, and we look forward to engaging more partners during the next phase of our successful webinar series."


Fact Sheets

1. Biomass Heating and CHP  1. Why Use Biomass for Heating? 
2. Residential Use of Biomass  2. Biomass Thermal Market Overview 
3. Legislation and Regulation  3. Residential Heating 
4. Air Quality / Emissions  4. Large Scale Heating with Biomass 
5. Large-Scale Biomass and CHP  5. Economic Impact on Communities 
6. Successful Biomass Markets: Europe   
7. Project Development and Finance   

Podcast Interviews

Comprehensive Presentation

1. Successful Markets: Austria  Biomass Thermal Energy Resource Library 
2. Perspective of Private Land Owners   
3. Sustainability of Biomass Energy   
4. The Role of Agriculture   
5. Biomass Project Finance   
6. Family Forest Land Owners and Biomass   
7. Forest Health and Public Private Partnerships   
8. Successful Projects: Missouri CHP   
9. Public Perception of Biomass Energy   
10. The Future of Biomass Conversion   

For more information, contact:

Emanuel Wagner
Program Coordinator - Outreach, Education and External Affairs
(202) 596-3974 x 360




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