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April 9, 2016

Urgent Grassroots Advocacy Alert - BTU Act - Please ACT Today!

Dear Biomass Supporter,

An opportunity to enact provisions of our Biomass Thermal Utilization Act has presented itself in the form of the Federal Aviation Administration's reauthorization bill which is now being considered on the Senate floor. We have been working to get to this point for seven years. Negotiations continue over a package of energy tax provisions that would be rolled up into what is known as a "manager's amendment" and voted on next week. Republican Senators Collins (ME) and Ayotte (NH), Senator Angus King (ME), and Senator Jeanne Shaheen (NH) have been negotiating with Senate leadership to have our provision included in this package. These are high-level, closed door, Member-to-Member discussions that represent our best hope in securing passage of our tax incentive for biomass thermal technologies.

We have been working this situation non-stop over the last few days and these four New England Senators are committed to the cause. But we have more work to do and that is why we are contacting you.

What We Need: Simply put, we just need you to send a very brief email to your Senator asking for their support to include Senator King's BTU ACT amendment in  the Senate's manager's amendment to the FAA bill (H.R. 636).

Points to Include in Your Message:

  • A sentence on your company, location and number of employees.
  • Biomass thermal technologies were overlooked when the investment tax credits for renewable energy were being crafted over 10 years ago. This provision corrects that oversight.
  • Our sector and the jobs we support cannot continue to compete on this unlevel playing field where other renewable energy forms take advantage of tax credits for which we are ineligible.  
  • This very modest provision is essential for helping consumers and businesses overcome the cost hurdle associated with converting to highly efficient, biomass fueled heating systems.  

This is an urgent request. Everyone who sees this email, even if you have never made this kind of request before of your elected legislators, should take the action requested. Negotiations will likely be wrapped up on Monday...Tuesday at the latest. Our need to touch as many Senators as we can is urgent so we need you to act now.

How to Email:

Use this tool: to identify your two Senators, then look up the Senator's Chief of Staff, their Tax and their Energy Legislative Assistants. Send them an email with your personal message, use our talking points, be brief, and thank them for their interest and support.

You can determine their email addresses based on this formula: For example, the Chief of Staff of Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) is Alan Hanson. His email is Note the underscore between the first and last name of the staffer.

Thanks so much for any help you can lend to this effort. Please use this opportunity to consider membership in BTEC to help fund legislative activities like this.

Please contact BTEC's Government Affairs Representative Pat Rita at or at 703-887-3131 for questions.


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