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Board of Directors

BTEC's 16 member Board of Directors is elected annually following the Membership Meeting. Directors span the country, representing 12 states, multiple regions, and all aspects of the biomass thermal supply chain.
Dan Wilson
Wilson Engineering
BTEC Chair

Dan is a Vice President at Wilson Engineering Services, PC (WES).  WES is a full service engineering firm operating in the energy and environmental sectors.  Dan has overseen WES’s role in over fifty (50) biomass thermal and combined heat and power projects.  WES’s role in these projects has included concept development, design, permitting, and construction management.  Dan is a professional engineer and has a BS in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Penn State and a Masters in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins.

Christine Donovan
Managing Consultant & VEIC Biomass Energy Team Lead
BTEC Vice-Chair

As part of her role at VEIC, Christine serves as the Team Lead for the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC), which was acquired by VEIC in 2012.  Previously, Christine was President of C.T. Donovan Associates, Inc. (CTD), a renewable energy consulting firm founded in 1986 that specialized in biomass applications for thermal energy, electricity generation, and liquid biofuels. CTD gained a national reputation for: (1) its expertise in conducting comprehensive biomass feedstock supply assessments for wood-fired power plants and cellulosic ethanol facilities throughout the eastern U.S.; (2) advancing sustainable biomass energy policies and regulations through the leadership and management of complex, multi-state stakeholder engagement processes; and (3) seminal work identifying opportunities for utilizing various sources of clean wood waste for fuel.  Christine served as Technical Consultant to the Biomass Energy Resource Center for the two-year Northern Forest Biomass Energy Initiative led by BERC, the Northern Forest Center, and the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire.  In addition, she designed, organized, and led the two-day Biomass Energy District Heating Roundtable convened by BERC, and served as Technical Consultant on many other BERC projects.

Bob Sourek
Bear Mountain Forest Products
BTEC Treasurer

Bob Sourek is the owner and founder of Bear Mountain Forest Products Inc., a wood pellet fuel producer established in 1988.
Mr. Sourek is a graduate forester from the University of Montana. He is on the Board of Directors of the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) , a member and on the Board of Directors of the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI), and a member of the Society of American Foresters (SAF).  As a field forester Mr. Sourek explored the potential of the forest ecosystem to reliably provide biomass resources and in the process of building Bear Mt., he gained experience in collecting and utilizing Biomass in all forms available. Mr. Sourek has traveled throughout Europe investigating the technology available to not only harvest/collect biomass but also process and utilize the resulting fuels. Through his association with BTEC and PFI, and on behalf of these organizations Mr. Sourek has traveled to the Oregon and Washington State capitols and Washington DC to educate and advocate for the efficient use of biomass energy. These experiences have given him an appreciation for the complex interactions between business, public policy and societal good.

Charlie Niebling
Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC
BTEC Secretary

Charlie Niebling is Principal and Partner of Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC. Mr. Niebling has worked in the private and non-profit sector. Most recently, he was the General Manager of New England Wood Pellet, a company with wood pellet manufacturing facilities in New Hampshire and New York. He previously worked for the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and was the Executive Director for a trade association. Mr. Niebling is a thermal wood energy expert and has worked on related policy endeavors at the state and federal level. He was a founder and Board President of the Biomass Thermal Energy Council.

Mr. Niebling holds forestry degrees from the University of Vermont (BS) and the Pennsylvania State University (MS).  Mr. Niebling is a licensed professional forester.

Dylan Kruse
Sustainable Northwest
BTEC Policy and Government Affairs Committee Chair

Dylan Kruse is the Policy Director at Sustainable Northwest and is responsible for both state and federal legislative activity and agency engagement. He is also the organizational lead on a variety of bioenergy projects and efforts across the northwest, and manages the Western Juniper Utilization Group. Dylan is co-chair of the Oregon Forest Biomass Working Group and holds a seat on the steering committee of the National Rural Assembly. Before joining Sustainable Northwest, he attended Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR and received a B.A. in International Affairs. His work at Sustainable Northwest has linked his diverse interests of resource management, conservation, renewable energy production and economic development.

Bede Wellford
Viessmann Manufacturing Company (U.S.), Inc.
BTEC Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee Chair

Bede joined the HVAC industry in 1983 specializing in ventilation, energy recovery, building science and indoor air quality. He has extensive experience in codes and standards development, and is a recipient of the ARI (now AHRI) Schulze award for service to the industry. He has held a variety of positions, from Product Manager to Territory Manager to Vice President of Marketing. Bede has a passion for energy efficiency and renewable energy. He has conducted original research and has been a trainer in a variety of disciplines. From 1983 to 2005, he helped pioneer the energy recovery ventilation industry, spending 19 years with Airxchange and three years with Honeywell. In 2005, he joined Vital Technologies, Inc., leading product development and R+D activities in both dehumidification and pellet boilers. As the Viessmann Biomass representative for Northern New England, Bede sold and supported a number of commercial pellet and chip boilers. After serving as project manager for Northline Industries for two important Schmid biomass projects in Northern Maine, Bede has returned to Viessmann in his new capacity, responsible for biomass and commercial solar thermal development in the U.S.

John Ackerly
Alliance for Green Heat

John Ackerly is the President of the Alliance for Green Heat, a non-profit that promotes cleaner and more efficient residential biomass heating, with a strong focus on low and middle-income families.  Previously, Mr. Ackerly was the President of the International Campaign for Tibet and worked with many human rights and environmental groups in Washington, DC.

He attended Dartmouth College and American University Law School.  He is an avid rock climber, skier, outdoorsman and wood stove aficionado.  He lives in Takoma Park, Maryland with his wife Nina Smith and son Sammy.

Brian Becker
The Center for Natural Capital

Brian Becker is the program manager for the Virginia Community Wood Energy Program, which raises awareness and advances the use of wood fuels to space heat, hot water and process heat generation. Before moving to Virginia, Brian spent six years managing the Phytoremediation and Short Rotation Woody Crops Program at the University of Florida's School of Forest Resources and Conservation, experimenting with fast-growing trees in the field to improve phytoremediation of brownfield, mine land reclamation and dedicated bioenergy feedstocks. Brian also served for three years in the US Peace Corps as a Community Forester in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal fostering small business es based on renewable local natural resources such as handmade paper from lokta tree bark. Brian holds a B.S. from Kansas State University in Anthropology, Wildlife Biology, and Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. He received his M.S. from the University of Florida with a specialization in Agroforestry working on intercropping medicinal trees and herbs in the US Virgin Islands.

Rob Davis
Forest Energy Corporation

Rob Davis is the President and Owner of Forest Energy Corporation of Show Low, Arizona— a wood pellet manufacturer founded in 1991. Forest Energy’s subsidiaries include Forest Energy Colorado, New Mexico Fuels, and Forest Energy Systems distributes a European biomass boiler in the US and provides a biomass boiler system supplier.

Mr. Davis is also a founding partner of Future Forest, LLC, which is the primary contractor for the White Mountain Stewardship Project within the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. This contract is for a 150,000-acre, ten-year forest restoration and fire mitigation project.

Mr. Davis is on the Governor’s Forest Health Advisory Council in AZ and CO. He is the past President and current Director of the Pellet Fuels Institute.

Dane Floyd
Biomass Engineering & Equipment

Dane Floyd is the founder and President of Biomass Engineering and Equipment. Mr. Floyd is a mechanical engineer with over 35 years' experience in forest products and biomass. His experience started in logging and chipping and he then progressed thru corporate assignments in plywood and veneer. He has held positions in engineering, procurement, production and finally to VP of Manufacturing before leaving the corporate world to found Veneer Services and then Biomass Engineering and Equipment. His companies are supplying machinery to a wide range of biomass processing facilities as well as traditional lumber, plywood and veneer. Mr. Floyds unique, wood focused background brings unequalled experience, knowledge and expertise to his customers.

Andrew Haden
Wisewood, Inc.

Andrew Haden is Founder and President of Wisewood, Inc., a leading biomass energy project development firm in Portland, Oregon. Wisewood is focused on heating, combined heat and power (CHP) and district energy applications for institutional, commercial, government and industrial clients across the Western US. Andrew has lead the development and implementation of multiple biomass energy projects through complete cycles of feasibility assessment, engineering, construction, commissioning and ongoing operations support. His biomass projects in Oregon have been foundational to the creation of an economic development strategy that promotes the geographic clustering of bioenergy system installations - a strategy which generates economies of scale and increased savings for communities that decide to transition their heating systems to renewable biomass energy.

Marcus Kauffman
Oregon Department of Forestry

Marcus Kauffman serves as the Biomass Resource Specialist for the Oregon Department of Forestry. This position aims to create and enhance viable and sustainable value streams from the by-products of forest management and forest products manufacturing.

Marcus provides technical assistance, project development resources, and biomass supply information to public and private interests across the state. A firm believer in coordinated collective action, he represents ODF on the Oregon Forest Biomass Working Group and supports numerous local and regional collaborative efforts to increase biomass use. He has a keen interest in helping the public understand what biomass is and its role in sustaining working forests and the forest products industry. He chairs the state’s Biomass Outreach and Education Team which develops and disseminates sound information on biomass in Oregon.

Marcus has extensive experience developing public-private partnerships to improve natural resource and sustainable economic development opportunities. He has led collaboratives to address renewable energy, energy efficiency, biomass utilization, ecosystem restoration, sustainable forestry, and community fire protection planning. His approach to economic development seeks integrated solutions for the local economy and the natural environment. Prior to joining the Oregon Department of Forestry, Marcus owned an independent consultancy, East Fork Consulting that focused on developing collaborative solutions to advance the bio-energy economy.

Paul Lewandowski
AFS Energy Systems

Paul joined AFS Energy Systems in October 2010 to help AFS develop a national business development sales strategy. His focus on establishment of ‘strategic partnership’ networks between AFS Representatives, Industry Design Professionals, Energy Consultants, Financial and   Educational Institutions has helped produce increased sales growth. Paul works directly with building owners and those looking to expand their ‘renewable energy’ portfolios with goals of reducing GHG emissions and energy costs with a sustainable, renewable biomass thermal energy system delivered on a ‘turn-key’ basis.                                                                                 

Paul’s clients gain from his experience in the design/build delivery of complex construction projects over the past 20 years.  He has previously served on the Board of Directors of the Associated Builders and Contractors Keystone Chapter. He presently serves on the Alternative Fuels Renewable Energy Council‘s Advisory Board to PA Governor Tom Corbett’s Energy office.                               

He also holds a Green Advantage Environmental Certification for Commercial buildings.

Tony "T.J." Morice
TNT Ventures LLC

T.J. Morice has over 25 years business, industry experience since graduation at UW-Madison.  Since 1998 he has been devoted to the development and advocacy of renewable, biomass fuel markets in the Midwest and beyond in addition to related enterprises including biomass heating, transportation/logistics, additional refining opportunities and helping analyze energy savings opportunities even procuring better natural gas agreements. As a company shareholder and officer, he was involved in PFI board, regional forestry oversight activities, participating in Wisconsin activities including the Governors Woody Biomass Taskforce, Bioenergy Advisory Council and Wisconsin Woody Biomass Harvest Guidelines.  In addition to being Managing Member of TNT Ventures LLC >>, he is President of Heating the Midwest >>, BTEC board member, and is part of the Wisconsin State Wood Energy Team >>.  T.J. also volunteers on the WCLQ Radio board, Highland Community Church and is an active member of NSP (National Ski Patrol).  He has a wonderful wife Trudy who supports this variety of activities and involvement, as well as Dad to two biological kids and one adopted into their hearts.

Mike Porter
Uzelac Industries

Mike Porter is the Sales Manager for Uzelac Industries. Uzelac Industries is located in Greendale Wisconsin and designs, engineers, manufactures and service dryer systems for a vast array of industries including wood processing. Porter has been in the wood pellet industry for almost 10 years having previously worked as a sales manager for M-E-C Company and Director of Sales for Firefly North America. Porter has been active as a member of BTEC and PFI and served on the PFI Promotions and Communications Committee as well as the Export and Domestic Bulk Fuel Committee.

Chris Tureson
Central Boiler

Chris works in Corporate Relations for Central Boiler, Inc., the largest US manufacturer of outdoor hydronic heaters. 

 He received his J.D. from the University of North Dakota School of Law and his B.A. in Business Administration and Political Science from Concordia College.