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Accomplishments Summary

Legislative Accomplishments Summary

State and Regional

  • Called for equitable treatment and consideration of biomass heating technologies in the State of Oregon’s renovation of government buildings.

  • Offered recommendations for the State of Maryland to include renewable biomass thermal energy in the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

  • Helped coordinate outreach and advocacy efforts to successfully amend New Hampshire’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to include thermal renewable energy from biomass.
  • Weighed in and supported the inclusion of thermal renewable energy in the Massachusetts Alternative Portfolio Standard (APS).

Congressional Biomass Caucus

  • Led industry development and recruitment for members of the first Congressional Biomass Caucus, and have leveraged the group to hold numerous biomass thermal briefings. 

Commercial/Industrial Biomass Heating Systems

  • Introduction of S. 3352 – Expanding Industrial Energy and Water Efficiency Incentives Act of 2012 (Sens. Bingaman, Feinstein, Snowe) – Worked with Senate offices to craft a two-tiered Investment Tax Credit of 15 or 30% based on operating efficiencies for commercial and industrial biomass systems.
  • Introduction of S. 1294 – Oil Independence for a Stronger America Act of 2011 (Sen. Merkley) –
    Would establish a renewable biomass thermal energy loan program for non-federal, commercial and commercial and multi-family residential buildings.
  • Introduction of S. 1000 – Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2011 (Sen. Shaheen) - The bill would provide a suite of industrial energy efficiency tax incentives and revise federal energy purchase mandates to include thermal energy from biomass.  

Residential Biomass Heating Systems

  • Introduction of S. 1007 & H.R. 2715 - The Biomass Thermal Utilization Act of 2013 (Sens. King, Collins, and Reps. Michaud and Welch) – Guided state and national advocates in creating the bill language, pitching it to congressional champions, and building support for the incentive that would establish tax parity of up to a 30% credit for residential, commercial, and industrial biomass thermal equipment.

  • Introduction of S. 1914 – Cut Energy Bills at Home Act (Sen. Snowe) – Bill to amend existing Internal Revenue Code Section 25 tax credit to provide a credit ($5,000 maximum) for performance based residential energy improvements, including improvements from biomass heating appliances.
  • Introduction of H.R. 4230 – HOMES Act (Rep. McKinley) – The Bill would provide tax credits of up to $8,000 for whole home energy efficiency improvements, including eligible biomass thermal appliances..

Combined Heat and Power/Renewable Energy Credits

  • Support of H.R. 4915 – POWER (Power, Efficiency, and Resiliency) Act of 2014 (Rep. Schwartz) – The bill would increase the investment tax credit (ITC) for combined heat and power systems (CHP), and biomass would serve as an eligible fuel.

  • Introduction of S. 2146 – Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012 (Sen. Bingaman) – The bill would create a national clean energy mandate and also authorize a study on mechanisms to incorporate energy pathways that do not generate electric energy, including biomass converted to thermal energy.
  • Insertion of amendment to S. 1462 – American Clean Energy Leadership Act – Amendment would establish telescoping renewable energy credits for the useful electric and thermal output of biomass facilities. Credits awarded based on energy efficiency. If passed, this bill would for the first time establish renewable energy credits for thermal energy.




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